We love receiving feedback from our Learners. We are proud of our Training Advisor Lindsey who was praised by a recent achiever, Ben Gilbert

I would like to pass on some feedback in relation to my recently completed Level 4 in Management but mostly in relation to my Training Advisor Lindsey.

I just want to say that without Lindsey having taken over and offering me the support she did, having an open door and being available to me at any time, I probably wouldn’t have completed the qualification.

You’ll be well aware how much I was falling behind I imagine and up until about two months ago I’d made very little real progress.

Lindsey then came on board and quickly realised and got to grips with my preferred learning style and how difficult I was finding it to get my answers down in writing in order to complete the workbooks.

As a result, we did a great deal of the work verbally (so much so that my wife would joke about my regular meetings, within her words, “your oral lady”!) and I’m sure Lindsey will say that this made a big difference! That said even with the inroads we were making, in early August I sent her an email stressing out that we were running short of time, that the volume of work needed to be done was a major concern and that it was probably best I terminate my place. I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once again Lindsey to the rescue. In the span of one short conversation, she put everything into perspective for me, helped me break things down into smaller chunks and helped me set a weekly goal that would ensure the qualification was done on time so long as I stuck to that goal.

This worked a treat and was a major booster to my morale and belief in my ability to complete. And complete I did!

Lindsey has been lovely to work with, always professional but kind and approachable, she’s a credit to you and the company. I can’t stress enough that I firmly believe if she hadn’t have swooped in when she did, then I’d have probably not gained the qualification and wasted so much of my time and the time of yourselves.