Looking to start your career? We have Apprenticeship opportunities that will help you get the skills and experience you need to become a valuable employee to any business. Apprenticeships are the SMART way to realise your potential!

What is an Apprenticeship?

We think the Smart way to give you the training you need.

Along with making sure we have the expertise to provide the right programmes, and relationships with employers to provide the right apprenticeship opportunities.

Every step of your Apprenticeship Smart will be behind you, supporting and encouraging you.

There are lots of benefits to doing an Apprenticeship. You can earn while you learn, as well as learning in a way that is best suited to you – at the same time as gaining hands-on experience on the job.

Key benefits of Apprenticeships include:

  • Earning a salary
  • Getting paid holidays
  • Receiving training
  • Gaining qualifications
  • Learning job-specific skills

Not going to Uni doesn’t stop you from having a job and a great career. It doesn’t prevent you from developing skills and getting nationally recognised qualifications. It certainly doesn’t stop employers seeing the potential in you.

We are completely dedicated and fully committed to working with you. To give you the quality training you deserve and to help make your career ambitions come true. Apprenticeship Opportunities are available for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Apprenticeships

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is work-based training. Becoming an apprentice means that you have a job that will include gaining recognised qualifications and essential skills while you’re working, learning and earning a monthly wage.

As a result, there are three different types of apprenticeships. A foundation apprenticeship, apprenticeship,  and a higher apprenticeship. This is because different jobs need different levels of qualifications, Making some higher than others.

Typically while looking at the vacancy, you want to apply for, It will tell you the level of apprenticeship and what they usually include.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Here are five reasons why you should choose an apprenticeship.

You can earn while you learn.

As an apprentice, you will get the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff. Who will help you gain the skills you need for your specific job role. While earning a wage at the same time.

You gain relevant and practical work experience.

Every apprenticeship scheme is designed to help the employers within your chosen industry. This means it is structured in a way that ensures.

You’ll learn and develop the critical skills needed to do the job well. Most of the time you will be leaning ‘on-the-job’ and the remainder of your time will be spent ‘off-the-job’ training on day release.

You’ll automatically boost your career prospects.

Each apprenticeship scheme is tailored to the needs of the employer and the company. You will gain invaluable experience and develop the critical skills that employers within the industries needs.

It also makes you an attractive prospect for future employers and helps enhance your longer-term career prospects and earning potential.

You’ll achieve qualifications.

It’s not just practical skills and experiences that you gain during your apprenticeships. You’ll also be able to back up what you have learned with qualifications.

For some industries, these sector-specific certifications will be even more valuable than a relevant degree. Showing a much better indication that you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

You’ll be avoiding student loans.

A student leaving university will typically face anything between £30,000 and £60,000 of student loan debt. Which they have to start paying back the minute they reach a reasonable salary.

With an apprenticeship, the Government covers the cost of your entire training. There aren’t any additional fees to pay, and you start earning a salary virtually straight away.

On the other hand, there is no tuition fees and no monthly payments to worry about.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

Normally employers will tell you the step you need in order to complete the apprenticeship vacancy posting. However, they may also provide a link to an application form.

If you find that they have only provided an email, they will expect you to email your CV and cover letter.

This is the first round of applications if you pass the first round and they like what they see. They will invite you to an interview this could be face-to-face, by telephone or even over Skype.

Sometimes you may be asked to complete some online tests. The application process varies from company to company.

How do Apprentices get paid and how much?

The minimum an apprentice is entitled to is depending on their age and length of the apprenticeship programme.

Under 19s and any age in their first year – £3.70 per hour

Aged 18-20 in their second year and above – £5.90 per hour

Aged 21-24 in their second year – £7.38 per hour

Aged 25 or older the National living wage is £7.83 per hour

Do I get any holiday allowance as an Apprentice?

As an apprentice, you are entitled to at least one and a half days paid holiday for every month of training, You may also be entitled to bank holidays.

However, it is a good idea to check your contract of employment to see what you have been given. You also have the right to have 24 hours of free from work every week or 48 hours free every two weeks.

Do I have to be full-time?

All apprentices must be offered 30-40 hours per week which makes the apprenticeship full-time. However, apprentices with caring responsibilities can be offered part-time if agreed with the employer can work for a minimum of 16 hours per week.

How long does an apprenticeship last for?

An apprenticeship can take anything from 0ne to five years to complete depending on the level of apprenticeship. If the apprenticeship is part-time it will increase in length depending on how the apprentices time is split up.

Intermediate Level 2 apprenticeships normally take around 12 to 18 months to complete.

Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeships normally take around 24 months to complete.

What happens when I finish my apprenticeship?

When you finish your apprenticeship they are many options you could take.

Your current employer

Towards the end of your apprenticeship, it’s a good idea to talk to your manager. Ask them what their plans are for you. You will have plenty of time to consider your options.

Discuss these with your assessor. They will help you make the best decision.  In many cases, the employer offers the apprenticeship a permanent position within the company. This is not guaranteed.

Looking for another apprenticeship

If you decide to find another apprenticeship generally at a higher level than the one you have completed. You could contact your current training provider or college.

Who may be able to find you another vacancy local to you? However, you can also search and apply for jobs yourself using gov, UCAS and many more.

Look for a role in another company.

After your apprenticeship, you will have enough skills and knowledge to be able to apply for a job in another company.

Potentially look at doing a different role within that company. You can use websites like gov job search and Indeed to find another job.

Apprenticeship Success Stories

“Not long completed my Diploma in business management with SMART. Throughout the whole time I was very well supported and a special thank you has to go out to my assessor, Hazel Mckinlay. Her professionalism and dedication ensured my experience was not only productive but enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends.”


“I enjoyed my experience with Smart, my assessor was amazing and always helped me out and went the extra mile to help me. My assessor was always there to answer my emails/calls even out of work hours for any queries or reassurance I had/needed. Smart is a professional and well-run company giving the service user an excellent experience.”

Alia Malik