Hospitality Apprenticeships

Hospitality Apprenticeships covers a range of occupations within hospitality and catering, one of the largest industries in the country.

Hospitality Apprenticeships

The Hospitality Apprenticeships cover a range of occupations within hospitality and catering, one of the largest industries in the country.

Our Hospitality Apprenticeships and catering training covers work in restaurants, hotels, cafés, pubs and contract caterers. Schools, colleges, hospitals and large businesses nearly always have canteens and catering staff too.

Apprentices will have the choice of one of six career paths within the industry. If you’re interested in service, you could train as waiting staff and learn how to serve customers, or train in drinks service – one of the fastest growing sub-sectors.

Apprentices interested in cookery could either train as a chef in a restaurant or learn how to cook on a large scale for institutions like the NHS or armed forces. Apprentices more interested in the hospitality side of the sector could work in a hotel reception area; learn to run a B&B or youth hostel; or keep a hotel crisp and clean.

Hospitality Apprenticeship Job Roles

Completing the Hospitality Apprenticeships, you could become:

  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Run a B&B
  • Run a Youth Hostel
  • Keep a Hotel Crisp and Clean
  • Waiter
  • Serve Customers

You can take on a variety of job roles in many industries. These Hospitality Apprenticeships will give you the knowledge and experience you will need to succeed.

Apprenticeship Standards:

Level 2 Commis Chef Apprenticeship Standard

Level 2 Production Chef Apprenticeship Standard

Level 3 Chef de Partie Apprenticeship Standard

Level 2 Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship Standard

Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard

Level 4 Hospitality Manager Apprenticeship Standard

Level 3 Senior Chef Apprenticeship Standard in Production Cooking

Looking to start your career? We have Apprenticeship opportunities that will help you get the skills and experience you need to become a valuable employee to any business. Apprenticeships are the SMART way to realise your potential! With our Hospitality Apprenticeships you can:

  • Earn a wage whilst you learn
  • Gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification
  • Work with Trainers with industry experience
  • Take the next step in your career

“I have really enjoyed the past year completing my apprenticeship and learning about the hotel industry. I have learnt a lot in the past year – not just knowledge for my role but a lot about my own personality and my confidence has really built up. I look forward to working with my training advisor Tanya again on my next qualification and I am looking forward to progressing within my role at the Nadler.”

Tyne Connolly
Nadler Hotel, Soho

The Nadler Shop

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