Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships

Team Leading & Management Apprenticeships can be applied across a broad range of sectors and job roles.

Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships

Good managers and team leaders are essential to the success of any business, so the skills gained on this Apprenticeship are transferable and valuable. Learning will be tailored to your industry, but it’s likely you’ll be responsible for the delivery of a service, or how other people carry out their work. You could be working as a shift leader, chargehand, section leader, team leader, floor manager, trainee manager, deputy manager, or supervisor.

On your Team Leading and Management Apprenticeship, you’ll learn the theories of a team-leading and how business works. You’ll manage your own workload; lead others; work effectively with other people, and learn how to get your point across through talking and discussion with others.

On the Advanced Apprenticeship in Management, you’ll be able to understand the theories of management, and how to source, understand, present and explain work related figures and calculations.

Depending on the focus of your job, you might learn other skills like how to allocate and check other people’s work; plan and implement change; manage a project or budget; encourage innovation; carry out operational plans; recruit staff; or develop customer service skills.


Team Leading and Management Apprenticeship Job Roles

Completing aTeam Leading and Management Apprenticeships, you could become:

  • Shift Leader
  • Chargehand
  • Section Leader
  • Team Leader
  • Floor Manager
  • Trainee Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Supervisor

You can take on a variety of job roles in many industries. These Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships will give you the knowledge and experience you will need to succeed.

To find out more about the types of skills you’ll learn as a Team Leading and Management Apprentice, please click here to see our

Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for Team Leader/Supervisor

Operational Departmental Manager Level 5

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The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the UK’s leading organisation for professional managers

Learner Benefits of CMI accreditation

You’ll be more marketable – a qualification speaks volumes to prospective employers, giving you the advantage when looking for your next career move.

You can earn more – research proves that those with a qualification will earn more through their career.

You’ll perform better – a qualification will not only sharpen your existing skills, but it will also equip you with a range of new ones.

Employer Benefits of CMI accreditation

Apprentices develop the skills and knowledge that is directly relevant to your business.

Opportunity to ‘grow your own’ staff instilling your business culture and working style from an early stage.

Utilise government funding to offer your teams internationally recognised qualifications.

Improve the retention of your skilled workforce.

All apprentices become members of CMI and have access to all of the member benefits.

Easy to get started with the support of CMI.

Looking to start your career? We have Apprenticeship opportunities that will help you get the skills and experience you need to become a valuable employee to any business. Apprenticeships are the SMART way to realise your potential! With our Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships you can:

  • Earn a wage whilst you learn
  • Gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification
  • Work with Trainers with industry experience
  • Take the next step in your career

“I have really enjoyed the past year completing my apprenticeship and learning about the hotel industry. I have learnt a lot in the past year – not just knowledge for my role but a lot about my own personality and my confidence has really built up. I look forward to working with my training advisor Tanya again on my next qualification and I am looking forward to progressing within my role at the Nadler.”

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