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Employer and Learner Testimonials

I would highly recommend Smart Training.

From the moment I completed my qualification my working life blossomed, so many new opportunities opened up for me and still continue to do so. I can honestly say that taking on this qualification was one of the best things I’ve ever done, it has really kick-started my career and I am still very thankful for the opportunity. I would also like to add that Smart were extremely accommodating to my requirements and were very easy to contact for help and advice. As somebody who struggled in my college placement, I would highly recommend Smart training. I didn’t feel pressured at any point of the course and help and support was always there when I needed it.

CSM Logistics

The best training team around!

I used Smart Training to not only recruit my new apprentices but to complete my Level 5 Health and Social Care. Rash helped me to recruit apprentices who was amazing with the process and I have Victoria Thorton as an assessor and she is by far the best. Victoria is easygoing and understands juggling a manager’s job,  apprentices and a level 5 and helped me with any queries I had.

Victoria Owen – Cambridge Villa

Thank You, SMART

Thank you, Smart Training for the opportunity to do my apprenticeship with you. I want to send my big, big gratitude to my training advisors, Sophie Blick and Lyndsey Paynter. Without their 5 stars dedicated and extremely competent support, I wouldn’t be able to do as much I did, to learn so much. Thank you and keep helping and moving people ahead.

Dimitrina Nikolova – Peak 15

Thank You, SMART

Not long completed my Diploma in business management with SMART. Throughout the whole time, I was very well supported and a special thank you has to go out to my assessor, Hazel Mckinlay. Her professionalism and dedication ensured my experience was not only productive but enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends.


I started my NVQ 3 last year and upon completion, I have learnt so many different aspects to the qualification. Michelle has always been amazing with me and has helped me along the whole journey, I would like to thank Smart Training for all they have done and for helping me along on my way. I completed my level 3 within my time frame and I am so happy in myself for completing this. I am an experienced senior carer with 6 years behind me and Michelle has helped me to grow this by always being on the other end of the phone if I ever needed help. Smart Training for me I would say is the best company to have on board for an amazing journey and a lifetime qualification! THANKYOU

Stacie Leigh Betteridge

I have been my level 5 is health and social care a little over a year (I was on maternity during this time). I have enjoyed the experience and have had lots of guidance and support throughout my course. My assessor has been on hand and has really helped me when I have been struggling at times. Could not recommend it enough Thank You!

Lori Coventry

I have been doing my level 2 in health and social care. I have enjoyed the experience and have had lots of guidance and support throughout my course. My assessor has been on hand and has really helped me when I have been struggling at times. Could not recommend it enough Thank You!

Dell Care

My apprenticeship means everything to me as it is the start of my future. It’s the beginning of my career and the footprint for future prospects and opportunities.

Steph Gagen
TLM Laser Ltd

Smart Training is an excellent resource for small to medium-sized businesses. They provide a great selection of candidates and are very proactive and hands-on when it comes to finalising all aspects of the onboarding process.

I have also been impressed with the aftercare / follow up by Hazel McKinlay at Smart, she regularly visits our Apprentices to ensure they are on target to achieve the best that they can in the workplace.

Jamie McGilvray

I enjoyed my experience with Smart; my assessor was amazing always helped me out and went the extra mile to help me. My assessor was always there to answer my emails/calls even out of work hours for any queries or reassurance I had/needed. Smart is a professional and well-run company giving the service user an excellent experience.

Alia Malik

I would just like to thank Smart and particularly Sian for her help in delivering up to two excellent candidates for Acumen.

Kris Sutton
Acumen Waste Services

I work in a home supporting drugs and alcohol and korsafkoff dementia. Through my experiences with Smart Training and Recruitment, I have found my training adviser Deana Young to be easy to get on with. Deana has worked with me through the development of my weaknesses into strengths and constantly praises my abilities in my work role. I feel I have learnt a great deal of information and previously I have not retained information as well as I wanted to. Deana changed the way she taught me in order for me to remember various information. I will always be a doer and practical in my learning. Deana has been very adaptive to accommodate my personal needs and well being. I am almost complete in my apprenticeship and look forward to completing and developing into a senior role. I would recommend Smart Training to anybody who wants to learn in Health and social care. Deana really knew how to help challenge my learning and feel more confident in my own abilities.

Jenna McCauley

I have worked at HGS for 8 Years and currently working on a development programme to become a Team Manager while I support the Academy as an SME and work with the upper management to support all agents as an employee forum representative.

I have already completed my Customer Service Level 2 and working towards Level 3. This is so I can better myself and my understanding of the business. I’m hoping it will make me a better Manager when I do complete my development programme and set me up for further progression.

Nick Hegarty
HGS – TalkTalk Plc

From discovering Smart to this very day my whole experience has been wonderful and certainly didn’t feel like I was going back to school like I thought it would. I have just undertaken a Level 3 in Business Administration and have learnt so much more than ‘just a course’. I have learnt about internal observance days, Government publications that my employer has never mentioned and I actually understood topics that have previously baffled me. My Tutor Pippa is the most amazing, genuine and kind person and has been a pleasure to work with but has been really good at keeping me on track and pushing me where I needed it, including taking on an additional qualification. Sign up now!

Danielle Pearce

I’m so pleased that I chose to sign up for Smart Training and Recruitment to complete my Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration. I have been able to grow within my role as a team Administrator and I now feel much more confident in my abilities. I feel more organised than I did before starting the course – One of my Personal Development Plan (PDP) targets at the beginning of the year was to look into having driving lessons – I have had many driving lessons now and I’m not sure I would have self-motivated myself to do this without the PDP task within Smart.

My Assessor was Debby Seiles, she has been an amazing help. Debby was very patient with me when I was unsure of something and I was able to text/email/phone her if I had any queries and she would always reply promptly. She explained everything to me in detail and gave me extensive, constructive feedback after every task that I completed. I will miss her monthly visits!

I’m very grateful that my company recognises the benefit of a Smart Training and Recruitment course, it has really helped me professionally and personally. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends!

Amber Deakin

Smart has supported Betapak and JR Zone for over 9 years in providing qualifications for our employees. The Training Advisors are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in their specialist areas allowing us to offer qualifications to nearly all departments across both companies. Our Business Development Consultant, Carol is always supportive, advising us of any new courses and updating us with any changes which may affect us. We look forward to many more years working with Smart.

Jade Ilett (Group Operations Manager)

We have been working with Smart and have had a great experience working together for nearly 10 years. They have always gone above and beyond to help us get our learners to a great standard, which has allowed them to progress in their role quicker than other apprenticeship programmes. As well as being taken on into a full-time position in the team, some of the learners have gone on to lead their own departments and become part of the Teemill leadership team

Ella Rann Avery – Operations and Finance

Smart training has been an ideal business solution for all I am Döner’s needs. They provide a real informative high-class service that is always friendly and efficient. One of the best features is being able to tailor the qualifications to suit our needs, I couldn’t recommend enough

Owner, I am Döner

So far I am very happy with the way I am learning and am being taught. My advisor is professional and friendly and really helps me with the parts that I struggle with, by breaking things down to me, to make sure I understand.

Transitions Housing Solutions – CIC

Professional, Friendly, Informative. A pleasure to work with!

I have worked with Smart for just over a year now and I have found the 12 months of support from Sian and colleagues to be one of the best I have experienced from an external provider. Sian- as our Business Development Consultant, is great. She keeps in touch throughout the learner journey, her knowledge of the apprenticeships industry is unrivalled. I do value her support and cannot thank her enough. Melissa is a great TA. So approachable and happy to pick up a call whenever I need her. I think the key area they all excel in is always being available, should we need them. From a supportive & reliable point of view, it’s just what we need.
I would definitely recommend Smart training to any business.

Paul Clarke

Brilliant Training Provider

I am completing my second qualification with Smart Training and would recommend their services to others. My current training advisor is John O’Callaghan who offers endless support and encouragement. The programme is great and has already enabled me to develop within my role after only starting the course a few months ago.

Emma Prendergast – Energy Costcutters

Having fulfilled and delivered training, I can without doubt state that Smart Training are one of the most professional and responsive training providers I have ever come across. I completed my Level 3 Management with them and my Assessor, Clare, was extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She has since delivered training to a number of my colleagues and in turn, has become part of the team and a friend! Always remaining professional they also ensure individuals are comfortable. Thank you!


I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Make the most of the aids that are available to you through the system and listen to what your tutor tells you because it makes sense.

Lynda Yates

I have recently completed my NVQ with smart training. During the whole process, I have found the Assessor’s to be extremely helpful and encouraging. A special thank you to Michelle who saw me through the last few months of my Nvq and was such a help when completing the English exams and made the whole process much less stressful.

Debbie Shearer

My journey has been very hectic through the apprenticeship which has made learning very difficult. I have experienced personal problems and this has had an impact on the way I have been able to develop my skills and learn. Deana Young from Smart Training and Recruitment has adjusted her diary so many times to ensure I have been able to progress. Deana has helped me so much to improve both my learning in Dementia and also within my new role, supporting individuals with learning disabilities. Deana has been a training adviser, care. to me and given advice when I have required it most. Deana has shown me I can accomplish qualifications and my confidence to progress through my career in learning disabilities. I would like to now challenge myself to a level 3 diploma and hopefully continue to improve my knowledge and confidence by gaining higher qualifications.

Lara Wintle

As an Employer, I have so far had the pleasure of working with Smart Training and Recruitment Ltd (“Smart”) in the training of two of our apprentices. Throughout that time, I have been very pleased with the service provided and have found the support and help offered to our apprentices (particularly by Hazel McKinlay of Smart) has been second to none. Hazel went above and beyond what was required including helping and supporting them outside of her normal working hours which I and particularly the apprentices really appreciated. Her endeavours to help them and ensure they are on the right track and develop into responsible young adults going forward have been very impressive. I also found Smart to be an easy organisation to deal with. They seem to be well set up and based on my experiences of them to date, I would recommend them to any organisation that is considering taking on an apprentice.

John Bradley

I have worked with SMART for 5 years now and they have been an amazing 5 years.

I believe SMART has helped me develop my career and since starting my first course 5 years ago, I have received 3 different promotions within the company I currently work for. I feel SMART has helped me learn more about my role/s than I would have learned on my own.

When I was at school, I completed my A-Levels and did not obtain very good grades. By completing SMART courses, I gained qualifications I never thought I would get and I received a fresh opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills and become more desirable to other employers. I did not think I would get that chance again after leaving school.

I have worked with 3 different Training Advisors at SMART and I can say they were all extremely helpful, friendly and approachable. They made me feel confident and comfortable in completing my courses and were very supportive throughout. I could not have asked for a better service from SMART.

I would definitely recommend SMART to anyone – they are a fantastic training provider and the skills you receive from completing courses are invaluable.

Joely Harris

A big thank you to Clare Haithwaite who gave fantastic help and support throughout my course

Phil Wadsworth

Currently in the fourth month of my apprenticeship. I am enjoying and learning a lot; My mentor Andrew is very supportive and the teaching is excellent. My Manager is also very helpful and friendly in always assisting me in anything I need help with. Although the apprenticeship seems like it is going to be long; I am enjoying every new experience and learning new skills. I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship company and also anyone who wants to do an apprenticeship goes for it as It is not just hard work but also rewarding.


Throughout my 1 year-long apprenticeship with SMART training I received a high level of support and guidance with my qualification. This meant that I felt a lot more relaxed and was able to focus on my work rather than worrying about it. There was a noticeable difference in my results say the least. I am now in full-time employment and am happy I had the opportunity to do the qualification and to have a dedicated assessor. I’m thinking about taking another course for team management in the near future with SMART.

Aidan Brookes

I have been working with my training adviser, Deana Young in order for me to progress through my apprenticeship. I am really happy with the service I receive. Deana understands my learning needs and encourages me to learn new elements of my diploma. I found at first my online portfolio stressful to use but I am more confident locating information. Deana showed I could learn in a simpler form for English writing and she really gave good examples where I could learn how to use paragraphs and write my meanings down. I have learnt more about laws and how these have been embedded into my working role. Deana has explained British Values and how I can make sure residents feel they can partake in choices and be recognised for their individuality.

Leonie Varrie

Smart training has helped me in just under 4 months to get a job! I completed work experience with them and my training advisor Lindsey helped me a lot and was always there to answer the questions I had!


Smart training was excellent from the first meeting we had. Hazel, in particular, has been an absolute pleasure to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble and has really helped us develop some fantastic full-time team members. Highly Recommend!

Will Fish

I started off as a supervisor not knowing how to manage a team. I needed some training but didn’t have the time to go after work to college, I chose SMART because they come to my workplace to help me study, provide management training and work towards achieving my Level 2 Maths. I feel like I am growing in confidence after each visit which is helping me become the manager I want to be.

Mark Hampson

The service provided by Smart Training has been exceptional. From the first enquire/meeting, Rich has always been responsive and helpful. The candidates we have had placed have always been one of the first couple of interviews as Smart Training’s screening process understood what we as a company required. We originally started just on the look for one apprentice but the service we had from everyone at Smart Training made us want to invest in more.

Nurseline Healthcare

Since we teamed up with Smart Training and Recruitment, we have received numerous young people who would like to complete work experience within our store whilst completing a traineeship course which includes employability skills, digital skills. Maths and English. Taking these young people on has been a great opportunity not only for the young people but for the management and staff at the British Heart Foundation, it has given us the opportunity to work with people from all different backgrounds, help them to gain new skills and build their confidence. We are a very big store and with a limited paid staff we rely on our volunteers to keep the business running efficiently and make money for the charity, these young people continue to be an asset to our store.

Tony Walsh, Warehouse Supervisor, Southport