Testimonials from Employers

Smart Training & Recruitment specialise in a wide range of Apprenticeships and Traineeships in Business Management, Team Leading, Hospitality and Health & Social Care. Here are some of the testimonials from our happy employers and learners.

As an Employer, I have so far had the pleasure of working with Smart Training and Recruitment Ltd (“Smart”) in the training of two of our apprentices. Throughout that time, I have been very pleased with the service provided and have found the support and help offered to our apprentices (particularly by Hazel McKinlay of Smart) has been second to none. Hazel went above and beyond what was required including helping and supporting them outside of her normal working hours which I and particularly the apprentices really appreciated. Her endeavours to help them and ensure they are on the right tracks and develop into responsible young adults going forward have been very impressive. I also found Smart to be an easy organisation to deal with. They seem to be well set up and based on my experiences of them to-date, I would recommend them to any organisation who is considering taking on an apprentice.

John Bradley

My apprenticeship means everything to me as it is the start of my future. It’s the beginning of my career and the footprint for future prospects and opportunities.

Steph Gagen
TLM Laser Ltd

I have worked with SMART for 5 years now and they have been an amazing 5 years.

I believe SMART has helped me develop my career and since starting my first course 5 years ago, I have received 3 different promotions within the company I currently work for. I feel SMART has helped me learn more about my role/s than I would have learned on my own.

When I was at school, I completed my A Levels and did not obtain very good grades. By completing SMART courses, I gained qualifications I never thought I would get and I received a fresh opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills and become more desirable to other employers. I did not think I would get that chance again after leaving school.

I have worked with 3 different Training Advisors at SMART and I can say they were all extremely helpful, friendly and approachable. They made me feel confident and comfortable in completing my courses and were very supportive throughout. I could not have asked for a better service from SMART.

I would definitely recommend SMART to anyone – they are a fantastic training provider and the skills you receive from completing courses are invaluable.

Joely Harris

Smart Training is an excellent resource for small to medium-sized businesses. They provide a great selection of candidates and are very proactive and hands-on when it comes to finalising all aspects of the onboarding process.

I have also been impressed with the aftercare / follow up by Hazel McKinlay at Smart, she regularly visits our Apprentices to ensure they are on target to achieve the best that they can in the workplace.

Jamie McGilvray

I have worked at HGS for  8 Years and currently working on a development programme to become a Team Manager while I support the Academy as an SME and work with the upper management to support all agents as an employee forum representative.

I have already completed my Customer Service Level 2 and working towards Level 3. This is so I can better myself and my understanding of the business. I’m hoping it will make me a better Manager when I do complete my development programme and set me up for further progression.

Nick Hegarty
HGS – TalkTalk Plc

Smart training has helped me in just under 4 months to get a job! I completed work experience with them and my training advisor Lindsey helped me a lot and was always there to answer the questions I had!


From discovering Smart to this very day my whole experience has been wonderful and certainly didn’t feel like I was going back to school like I thought it would. I have just undertaken a Level 3 in Business Administration and have learnt so much more than ‘just a course’. I have learnt about internal observance days, Government publications that my employer has never mentioned and I actually understood topics that have previously baffled me. My Tutor Pippa is the most amazing, genuine and kind person and has been a pleasure to work with but has been really good at keeping me on track and pushing me where I needed it, including taking on an additional qualification. Sign up now!

Danielle Pearce

Smart training was excellent from the first meeting we had. Hazel, in particular, has been an absolute pleasure to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble and has really helped us develop some fantastic full-time team members.

Highly Recommend!

Will Fish

I’m so pleased that I chose to sign up for Smart Training and Recruitment to complete my Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration. I have been able to grow within my role as a team Administrator and I now feel much more confident in my abilities. I feel more organised than I did before starting the course – One of my Personal Development Plan (PDP) targets at the beginning of the year was to look into having driving lessons – I have had many driving lessons now and I’m not sure I would have self-motivated myself to do this without the PDP task within Smart.

My Assessor was Debby Seiles, she has been an amazing help. Debby was very patient with me when I was unsure of something and I was able to text/email/phone her if I had any queries and she would always reply promptly. She explained everything to me in detail and gave me extensive, constructive feedback after every task that I completed. I will miss her monthly visits!

I’m very grateful that my company recognises the benefit of a Smart Training and Recruitment course, it has really helped me professionally and personally. I would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Amber Deakin