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With an apprenticeship, you can gain valuable work experience, get real qualifications and you will get wages for doing it! Smart is a leading apprenticeship provider that has taken thousands of people on a journey through apprenticeships, to success in a variety of industries. We can match you with Apprenticeship Employers and provide Apprenticeship Training.

Since starting my Apprenticeship it has given me more understanding of my job role and the importance of the job I do. Before I came to work and completed the jobs I was given, I knew I was part of a team but I never really saw how important my role was to the team and how we all linked together to make the work successful.

Jamy-Louise Bradshaw

Council Tax & NDR Senior Administrator


Is your business looking to build a young, fresh and energetic team that can be moulded to suit your organisation? Speak to our team to find out about the staff waiting to contribute to your business growth now. Starting an Apprenticeship Program within your business has never been easier!

Our business has been built on apprenticeships. Rising through the ranks is a consistent theme of individuals growth at Rapanui, it gives them a sense of purpose, incentivises them to exceed in their positions and gives us staff that are capable of managing departments even more effectively – knowing their colleagues jobs inside out as they do, as they once did it themselves.

Rob Drake-Knight


About Smart

For learners we provide award winning training and development for people who are looking to improve their lives, careers and job prospects by giving them the skills they need to succeed.

For Employers we work with you to ensure your business goals and objectives are achieved within the training budget available.

Make the Smart choice today and contact us now.

Smart Rewards

With 10 FREE driving lessons on offer and an NUS Apprentice Extra Card included, there’s never been a smarter time to consider an apprenticeship. Smart Rewards could be all yours…

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