A picture of Jessica Biggerstaff with her Diploma
An up close picture of Jessica Biggerstaff with her Diploma

Apprentice – Jessica Biggerstaff

Training advisor – Tony Jessop

EmployerCarnival Uk


Jessica is 20 and currently undertaking a Level 3 Diploma in Management at Carnival UK. When she started the qualification in July 2015 Jessica had been given the opportunity to manage a team of Customer service agents, as part of her development plan. She excelled at this and later asked to undertake a project to improve the knowledge of the contact centre staff to improve the guest experience. This was achieved by having one person deal with customer queries from start to finish and therefore expedite the query.

Jessica lead the project, completed a successful trial with a small team of cruise agents and this is now being rolled out company wide.

Jessica has proved to be a very able and keen learner. She has always completed work for her qualification to a high standard and on time. She is nearing completion and will complete on time.

She has recently been involved in the recruitment, selection and induction of staff and even heavily involved in the recruitment of her own manager. I recently took a witness testimony from Jessica’s manager who has confirmed that Jessica has been identified as a high flyer. She has been working at a high level within the contact centre and feeds back to the CEO of Carnival. Jessica has now been given a position as PA to the Vice president Becky Simpson. Jessica now supports the management meetings and assists the Vice president in the management of 300 staff.

Employer comments:

Jessica has been identified as a high flyer and has now been given a position as PA to the Vice president.


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