National apprentice of the Month – October 2015 - training advisor

National apprentice of the Month – December 2015

Apprentice – Ursula Horrix

Training advisor – Jan Hookey

Employer – CCG


Although very competent Ursula was not fully aware of her ability, nor initially the high standard of the work that she was submitting on her Business administration L3.

Ursula is one of those learners who work hard for their award, constantly putting in the study and commitment behind the scenes.

Since August, Ursula has had a new more demanding role within her organisation and a new Manager.  She has taken on additional work and responsibilities.  Ursula has still found time to study despite working full time and having a very hectic life with three small children.  She has managed to pass every External Assessment including all her functional skills first time.  This has not been easy as she has had to put in a lot of study to do so.  She was also supporting her son who was taking different assessments in his academic life at the same time.

Ursula has now completed her qualification and as a result now tackles her work in a different way. When a colleague or manager asks her to do a new task which is unfamiliar to her, or about a subject she does not know, she has the confidence to explore and research it, and report back in a professional manner. This has only happened since she has gained the confidence in her-self, and new ways to approach challenges.  One of the tasks that she took as part of her qualification was to Participate in a Project.  Having undertaking the unit Ursula said that it gave her the confidence to apply for the job secondment that she is currently undertaking and it has ultimately resulted in realising that she would like to do Project Management as a career, if or when, the opportunity arises.  Ursula also said that before the award she did not have the confidence to think that she could study, but already she has booked several short courses to compliment her apprenticeship.

Employer comments:

Ursula has gained many benefits from the experience.  As well as the skills from completing the qualification and gaining her functional skills exams she has gained the confidence to believe in herself and her ability.  Her employer has gained a person who is more competent and willing to take on new tasks in a competent, professional manner.

Learner comments:

Ursula was really pleased to be named learner of the month and feels this qualification with SMART has given her the confidence to believe in herself and believe that she could go on to study further