Apprentice of the month December 2016

National Apprentice of the Month – December 2016

National Apprentice of the Month – Kyle Day

Training advisor – Anna Holden

Employer – AMCO services


Kyle has been working at AMCO since January. AMCO is a company that provides international logistics and deliveries all over the world. It is a fast paced environment to work in and there is a lot to learn. In the office that Kyle works in, there was only himself and his manager which is quite daunting for a young lad in his first administration role in a fast paced and high accuracy job. If there are delays in the delivery of the products that AMCO deal with, this can cause massive issues for a wide range of companies. E.g car production.

When Kyle first started, he wasn’t really motivated and found it hard to retain the information and training that he had been given by his manager. It got quite bad and his probation period had to be extended.

Together we discussed techniques to help him retain information and he tried really hard. He started getting his work completed on time, sent me all his ‘homework’ on time, and generally changed his attitude. From one visit to the next, Kyle seemed to really change, and it was great to see him feeling so confident and thriving in his work!

Kyle’s manager has since left the company so Kyle has been on his own in his office dealing with the international enquiries and deliveries. Kyle has progressed so well and taken on so much, he has been offered a permanent position with a high pay increase and is now being moved to another office for him to develop further in the company.

Kyle is in a really good position to complete his apprenticeship in January and has had really good feedback from his organisation. Kyle has taken all of the changes in his stride and seems really happy and comfortable in his role.