National Apprentice of the Month

National Apprentice of the Month – February 2016

Training advisor – Richard Mainwaring

Employer – Compass supply and logistics


Since starting her apprenticeship Charlotte has developed in a number of ways from enhancing her maths and English skills, through to widening her vocational knowledge and experience as she works through the modules of her Diploma. Above all else her training and support has developed her confidence across the board. Naturally she feels more confident as she makes good academic progress, but she has also developed her soft skills so that she is keen to put herself forward to take on new challenges and greater responsibility. Charlotte now has a better understanding and awareness of the business and is much happier to interact with customers from a position of new found confidence.

Benefits to the business:

Participating in the course has allowed Charlotte to be confident in herself and her abilities.

Employer comments:

Charlotte has always been a good employee but she lacked in confidence and had a lack of business awareness.  Participating in the course has allowed her to be confident in herself and her abilities she will now deal with customer issues directly and not ask for somebody to do it for her and has been dealing with people who would normally ask for the Manager. She has the ability through learning and mentoring to speak to these customers without getting flustered.  She has been a good mentor for new staff in the travel team and has embraced the course with open arms, I have seen a significant improvement in her work and she never complains.
She is a determined young lady who will hopefully grow within the business and   this recognition of learner of the month will be brilliant.