National Apprentice of the Month – Sarah Cole

Training advisor – Becky Holmes



Sarah is one of Garador’s longest standing members of the team and goes above and beyond what is required for her job role.

Sarah is on her second qualification with Smart Training and recruitment, starting off by completing her Level 2 in customer service, converting last summer onto the level 3 customer service within days of completing her level 2. Sarah was asking within 6 months of the first qualification when she would be allowed to start her level 3!

Sarah is a dedicated member of the team at Garador, and Simon Stallard, her manager, sees Sarah as his “right-hand person” with regards to her abilities and knowledge within her job. Simon is keen for Sarah to continue to develop and sees her as being a member of the team that team respect and will often look to for help and guidance. During quarterly reviews, Simon is more than happy to sing her praises and is happy that the course that she is completing will not only benefit the business but also Sarah’s own motivation.

Throughout the previous qualification and into this one as well, Sarah has been instrumental in her own development, taking the lead with what she wants to learn and being in control of her own learner journey. For her current qualification, Sarah was able to identify and complete as “homework” her own set of skills scans- identifying what she would like to learn for each unit and how it would apply to her work. Sarah regularly completes and submits her work ahead of schedule for me to assess. As part of Sarah’s development, she has also taken it upon herself to complete an external free course on time management to help develop her skills in the workplace to be able to perform better at work and manage her time efficiently.

If Sarah is ever not sure of something, she will always let me know and ask for advice or guidance- well before work is due! Sarah logs all of her own timesheet entries without any prompting and ensures that her portfolio is kept up to date.

As we near the end of Sarah’s second qualification, we have not only brought forward her completion date for this qualification as she completed the higher levels of functional skills in her previous qualification and therefore did not have to do for this qualification, she has made such good and quick progress during this year; we have therefore had discussions about Sarah’s on-going development and what she could do moving forwards once she has completed this qualification. As Sarah is an experienced member of the team with regards to policies, procedures, delivering great service to her customers and setting the bar for the standard of behaviour and attitudes the “model” Garador employee should be, we have discussed the opportunity of her developing her skills as a team leader and progressing within the business.