An image of National Apprentice Chef Camilo Gutierrez with his diploma

Apprentice – Camilo Eduardo Zambrano Gutierrez

Training advisor – Jorge Fernandez

Employer – Bumkin restaurant South Kensington


Camilo is a chef at Bumkin Restaurant in South Kensington.  He is originally from Colombia and currently lives in shared accommodation in Battersea.

I took Camilo over from a previous TA. When I first met him his English was not very fluent and his previous TA tried very hard to help him but without much progress. It was questionable if Camilo could achieve his full apprenticeship.

Camilo lacked motivation and understanding during his programme and his previous TA struggled to keep him engaged, mostly due to ESOL challenges. Camilo became disengaged and missed some visits, he also struggled to produce the necessary work for his qualification.

After we meet and discussed his aims further, he found it easier to understand the programme. I am Spanish and as such was able to explain the programme and expectations using Spanish phrases. Many things he did not understand beforehand, he now did and he felt more confident and determined to progress.

He kept his visits and made time for our meetings, even on his days off. He worked very hard to do all the tasks, using Onefile and completing the work set.

Camilo has purchased his own books to self-study on Functional Skills and Language to help him with his cookery qualification.

Now, he has finished his Level 2 and has progressed to level 3. Camilo has had a promotion at work and a pay rise and he is now looking to rent a room by himself.

Employer comments:

Camilo has more confident on his work and life, his achievement made him to believe that he can progress. His time keeping has improved and also his knowledge and understand towards his daily job.

Learner comments:

Camilo is delighted with the support he received from his assessor.