I have now completed my first year working for Smart, which is also my first year of working anywhere at all. I started off as a trainee doing the simplest jobs like the post and I have worked my way up to an apprenticeship and data administrator, and I am keen to keep learning even more. It is really rewarding to see yourself progress and to feel confident in doing new tasks that at first you never thought you’d be able to get your head around.

Since joining Smart, I have not just progressed on the practical side of things, but I have also become a lot more confident than when I first joined. The biggest challenge in my apprenticeship was that I wasn’t confident enough to take phone calls from people out in the field in case I wasn’t sure what to say or if I told someone the wrong information, and I often used to panic when I would get a call directly. But as I have learned more about how the business works and I have had a lot of support from my colleagues, I now feel comfortable & confident to take multiple a day. I also don’t feel stressed about what to do if I’m still unsure how to answer a question as I have been shown various options of what I can do to help myself and the caller.

With just a year of experience, I feel that there is a lot more I could put on my CV compared to when I had just finished school, as I now have work experience, my traineeship qualifications, and by December I will have a qualification in Business Administration. Once I finish this qualification, I can go on to work up to a more advanced level, and I am excited to do this and progress further.