Meet the Team

Andrew Tregear

Name: Andrew Tregear

Job Title: Training Advisor

Andrew Tregear

How long has Andrew worked for Smart Training?

I have worked at Smart since March 2015 in the south east region; I live in Brighton, and cover Gatwick and the South Coast. I work in a large team and we help and support each other around the large area, I’ve even had learners in Canterbury so am not afraid to travel! I have worked very closely for 3 years with a large food manufacturer with sixty learners and also several SME’s, plus lots of individual cafe owners, charities, hotels, estate-agents, retailers and business owners in my time at Smart.

What are Andrew's specialisms?

I am qualified in Management at levels 3 & 4 which I find the most interesting due to my background in retail management. I also cover Teamleading 2, Business Administration 2 & 3 and Retail/Customer Service 2/3/4. My passion is, and always will be, retail and customer service in general as I have worked in this industry for 30 years.

Andrew's previous work experience

I have worked as a retail manager for 15 years including garden centres, cook-shops and Harrods, starting at 15! I became a manager at 20 with my first employer, and then opened my own business for 5 years in Bath. I became a training consultant as I had discovered I loved seeing the team members learning new theories, ways of working and ideas and then putting them into practice. I have since worked for 2 other training providers for 9 years and now Smart. As someone with varied workplace experience and also of different locations including London (born and bred!), I consider myself to be strongest teaching in the workplace either 1-2-1 with team members or as a group meeting. This allows them to get a rounded and full learning experience.

Andrew's hobbies & interests

I currently volunteer for 2 charities: one supporting adults with learning difficulties to learn new skills and become valuable members of the community; and the other helping to befriend disadvantaged young people in Brighton to help them gain confidence and show them different lifestyle choices.