From 1st April 2021, all new apprenticeships will be managed and funded using the apprenticeship service. All employers hiring apprentices will need to have an apprenticeship service account in order to access funding.  Levy paying employers will already have this function, this is where Levy funding is placed for these larger employers to spend on training. Non-Levy paying employers will need to create an AS account – many for the first time – and make a ‘funding reservation’ from the government, prior to enrolment of any new apprentices.  AS account creation is necessary only once. We can assist with creating your AS account, talk to your business development consultant or email: customerservice@smarttar.co.uk for guidance.


To find out more about the apprenticeship service you can visit the ESFA website by clicking here.


The website apprenticeships.gov.uk contains all the answers to questions frequently asked by apprentices and employers.

You can also view all of the ESFA Articles for Employers to help you with the apprenticeship service by clicking on the button below.