Last week the government announced the updated employer incentives for apprenticeships and an extension to the current Traineeship incentive scheme for employers. We have detailed the information below;

Recruit an Apprentice Incentive

The incentive has been increased to £3000, regardless of apprentice age!

The Government has announced they will be increasing the incentive payment for hiring an apprentice.  They will be offering £3000 per newly recruited apprentice, regardless of age from 1st April 2021 to 30th September 2021. Claims are made via the DAS portal by the employer, claim window for this new incentive opens June 1, 2021. This scheme replaces the current job creation scheme, which ends on Mar 31, 2021.

Traineeship Incentive

The incentive of £1,000 per work placement opportunity provided has stayed the same

Unchanged employer incentive scheme, £1000 per work placement opportunity provided, this has been extended to 31st July 2022. The trainee must complete 70 hours of work experience in order for the employer to be able to claim this incentive. This is capped at 10 per region, per employer. Any incentives claimed in 2020/2021 will not be excluded from the cap limit of 10 in 2021/2022. Employers are required to claim this directly from the government using the web form claim system. Payments are made in full after 90 days have elapsed from the web form claim date.