ROI of apprenticeships

Apprentices learn on the job, so they’re performing their role from the moment they start. And if you pay the apprenticeship levy, training is already paid for. It’s a no brainer. But other than filling your skills gap, what other returns do apprenticeships bring?

Improved productivity

Apprentices bring new energy, ideas and enthusiasm to the workplace, which has a knock-on effect on other employees. This boosts performance and increases productivity across the business.

Improved practice

With apprentices, you can train them your way – your processes, company culture and ways of working. You have talent on the job from day one, so you can mould them into skilled employees who follow your best practice.

Increased profile in the local area

Offering apprenticeships is a great way to improve your company image and raise your profile in the local area. As many employers rely on their local talent pool, this is a great way to improve recruitment too.

Increased retention

Apprentices are loyal employees. They’ve learned how your business works and have seen the time you’ve taken to train them and invest in their future. This means they’re more likely to stay with your business for longer. In fact, 80% of companies who invest in apprenticeships reported a significant increase in employee retention.

Increased high-level skills development

Apprenticeships aren’t just for entry-level recruits. There are hundreds of higher-level apprenticeships available to develop high-level skills in your business.

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