Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship Level 4

This Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship develops key Green Belt knowledge, skills, and behaviors to use Lean Six Sigma, project, and change management principles. Apprentices will lead end-to-end projects, solve problems, and implement sustainable countermeasures across organizational functions and processes.

Supporting and engaging with different parts of the organisation and interacting with internal or external customers.

Key Facts:

  • Qualification: Level 4 Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard
  • Duration: 12 - 15 Months
  • Functional Skills: Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English (if no prior exemption)
  • Off-the-job training: 6 hours a week (minimum)

Apprenticeship Overview:

Apprentices will develop the key (Green Belt) knowledge, skills, and behaviours to use a range of Lean Six Sigma, project, and change management principles, tools, and techniques to identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes. They will learn how to lead end-to-end projects, tackling issues that may require swift problem-solving or re-occurring challenges that require in-depth analysis and the implementation of a range of effective and sustainable countermeasures. This Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship equips apprentices with the expertise needed to drive impactful improvements.

Here are the next steps towards the Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship Level 4:

Become an Apprentice and start learning with Smart:

It’s easy to start learning with Smart and become an Apprentice. If you’re interested in starting an Apprenticeship with us, you can email us, call us on 01983 475006 or use our live chat.

Hire an Apprentice or upskill your existing staff:

If you’d like to hire an apprentice or learn more about training your existing staff, you can email us, call us on 01983 475006 or use our live chat.

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