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Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship – Level 3

A Payroll Administrator is integral to any business, tasked with managing the payroll system and ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. This Level 3 Apprenticeship equips individuals with the skills necessary to handle payroll responsibilities effectively, either within their own organisation or for external clients.

Apprenticeship Overview:

This Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship is for individuals who, typically, have responsibility for setting up and operating the payroll within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation. The role may be located within a business/organisation or in a payroll bureau, bookkeeping or accounting practice, or professional services company. The job may sit within the HR or Finance function.

Here are the next steps towards the Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship Level 3:

Become an Apprentice and start learning with Smart:

It’s easy to start learning with Smart and become an Apprentice. If you’re interested in starting an Apprenticeship with us, you can email us, call us on 01983 475006 or use our live chat.

Hire an Apprentice or upskill your existing staff:

If you’d like to hire an apprentice or learn more about training your existing staff, you can email us, call us on 01983 475006 or use our live chat.

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