Learning and Development Apprenticeships

Our comprehensive Learning and Development Apprenticeships equip individuals with advanced skills in coaching, mentoring, and development to support personal and professional growth.

Learning and Development Apprenticeships

Smart Training & Recruitment’s Learning and Development Apprenticeships provide learners with vital coaching, mentoring, assessment, and training design skills. These programmes cultivate professionals who can improve employee performance, support personal and professional growth, and implement effective learning strategies within organisations.

What are Learning and Development Apprenticeships?

Learning and Development Apprenticeships focus on practical skills and real-world experience, benefiting businesses by creating a more capable and confident workforce. Improved training efficiency allows for quick adaptation to new roles, increasing productivity. Continuous improvement and development help organisations stay competitive and lead to higher employee engagement and retention, contributing to overall success and profitability.

Learning Topics Covered

Our Learning and Development Apprenticeships cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Business and Commercial understanding
  • Management Information and Technology
  • Identification of Training / Learning Needs
  • Training / Learning Design and Delivery
  • Communication and Interpersonal
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Learner Journey

Our specialist tutors provide comprehensive support throughout the 12-14 months (Apprenticeship dependant) of on-programme learning and End Point Assessment. This includes monthly virtual classroom lessons and workshops, workplace training, shadowing, mentoring, and online one-to-one support. Additionally, we offer support for functional skills in English and Mathematics to ensure apprentices are fully prepared for their End Point Assessment and confident in their skills.

Career advancement after completing a Learning and Development Apprenticeship

Completing a Learning and Development Apprenticeship opens up numerous opportunities for career advancement. Starting with Level 3 apprenticeships, individuals gain foundational skills that set the stage for more advanced roles. As they progress to higher levels, such as Levels 4 and 5, they acquire more expertise and leadership skills, becoming valuable assets to any organisation.

Upon completion, apprentices can register with professional governing bodies relevant to their specific apprenticeship. More information about this can be found on each course’s page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Learning and Development Apprenticeships

Learning and Development Apprenticeships are specialised training programmes designed to equip individuals with skills in coaching, mentoring, assessment, and training design. These programmes aim to enhance the capabilities of professionals to support organisational growth and employee development.

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