Wall of Fame

Our Employee & Learner Recognition Scheme 

We have created our Wall of Fame to celebrate the dedication, determination and passion of our employees, our apprentice & trainees and also the employers we work with.

We feel it’s important to acknowledge exemplary performance. Our Wall of Fame scheme merges our previous Apprentice & Trainee Recognition scheme with our Employee of the month and Smart star awards. We wanted to also recognise the Employer commitment to Apprentice and Employee learning and development.

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January 2020

Bethany Barlow – Smart Employee

I nominate Bethany as I needed support urgently and she helped me. It made my job easier so I would like to say thank you Bethany, your quick response was so helpful


January 2020

February 2020

Amy Wright – Smart Learner

Amy started her qualification last year and although very enthusiastic had some concerns over the type of work she did and how this supported the Standard. We discussed areas that she would be developing over the next 6 months and she has fully embraced this development

February 2020

March 2020

Claire Haithwaite – Smart Employee

I am nominating Clare after her recent observation of teaching and learning that I completed, and she achieved a Grade 1. It was an excellent session completed with two learners. The pace was good throughout. Clare ensured that both were fully involved within the session which was important to confirm both of their understanding. This was a solid session designed to introduce them to the subject areas and linked theories to enable them to then complete their extended learning.

Clare has evolved her teaching and delivery in line with the requirements of new standards and especially at level 5. She has worked hard to develop her understanding and provide the best for all of her learners through the changing times. She covers 11 different qualifications across the new standards with more being added that she takes in her stride!


March 2020


December 2019

Andrew Treager – Smart Employee

Over the past months, Andrew has really delivered and delivered to a very high standard. He has been delivering the New Standards to a range of learners and has put a number of learner through to EPA.

All have passed with a number of them achieving distinctions. This is a true testament to Andrew’s hard work and perseverance, as well as embracing change and getting to grips with New Standards.

December 2019

Leah Lavelle – Smart Learner

Leah has been nominated for learner of the month because of the effort and shear determination she has demonstrated over the last 6 months in her role. Leah is now a key member of the team and has recently been offered new position of Compliance Administrator within the company.

This is a full time role, with huge responsibilities, but she has demonstrated she is trusted with this type of role

December 2019