All of our employees have been furloughed, does this mean our apprentices cannot do work towards their qualification?

We will continue to deliver online learning teaching and learning sessions with apprentice’s where possible without affecting official ‘furlough’ guidelines, we are delivering off-job training during this period, which does not constitute work.

How is the lockdown etc affecting your day to day operations i.e. tutor visits?

As of Monday 16th March, we moved to an online learning/digital teaching and learning platform where this was preferred by our employers and learners (pre-lockdown cautious period)

From Monday 23rd March this is a blanket, across the board approach to all tutors/apprentices/employers. We have seen evidenced teaching and learning continue uninterrupted in the main and have been pleasantly surprised at how successful this has been.

Are the apprentices still going to be able to continue but using online resources where required?

Yes, we envisage and promote little to no interruption but of course, we understand that every learner is different, and we are promoting flexibility the best that we can under the circumstances.

Have you sent any communication to the apprentices around the current situation?

Yes, weekly updates to apprentices and employers. If you are one of our clients please check your junk folder if you have not received it.

What is the strategy for learners approaching EPA?

We are already working with employers, apprentices and EPAO’s to feasibly make an online learning testing option viable. Where this is not possible we will organise new planned assessment dates with priority.

Are you still able and have the capacity to still receive referrals/starts?

We have ensured our on-boarding process can proceed with online learning by making tailored adjustments, we will strive to service referrals as normal.