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At Smart Training and Recruitment, we are your trusted Registered Training Providers with a 'Good Provider' Ofsted rating. Our commitment to excellence, backed by accreditations from UK training bodies ensures that you receive high-quality apprenticeship training and support.

Why choose Smart Training and Recruitment as your Apprentice Training Providers?

At Smart Training and Recruitment, we are one of the leading apprentice training providers in the UK, providing individuals and organisations with tailored and comprehensive training solutions. We have the experience, resources and personnel to ensure your apprenticeship training process is as successful as possible.

Apprenticeship training providers

As a trusted apprenticeship training provider, we work closely with top employers to offer various apprenticeship opportunities for learners of all levels and backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals achieve their career aspirations by providing comprehensive training and guidance from our expert learning and development tutors.

Our team of qualified apprenticeship professionals has the industry experience and knowledge to create the most effective training programmes, tailored to individual needs and desired results. Along with training your Apprentices, we can also help you access government funding for apprenticeships. See our Government Funding for Training page. If your business has fewer than 50 employees, you may be eligible for a £1,000 grant for employing your first apprentice. Our team will help you navigate the eligibility criteria and application process to secure this valuable incentive.

By choosing Smart Training and Recruitment as your apprenticeship training provider, you can benefit from our expertise and knowledge and our commitment to excellence. We take the responsibility of helping develop your skills and progress seriously and will be with you every step of the way.

Our Comprehensive Range of Apprenticeships

At Smart Training and Recruitment, we understand that apprenticeships come in various forms, tailored to different industries and skill sets. That’s why we offer diverse apprenticeship programs to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to develop technical skills in Customer Service, Team Leading, or Coaching to nurture business, hospitality, or education talents, our extensive apprenticeships ensure a perfect fit for every learner.

Tailored Apprenticeship Training Courses

What sets us apart as apprenticeship training providers is our commitment to customisation. We believe that one size doesn’t fit all in learning. Our team of qualified apprenticeship professionals collaborates closely with employers to design training programs that align with their unique requirements and desired outcomes. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, we tailor our training to suit your needs, ensuring that the skills your apprentices acquire directly benefit your organisation.

We pride ourselves on working with employers to make a real difference in their business. This is done through ongoing engagement with managers in your organisation to plan meaningful learning for your staff that focuses on your key business objectives and priorities.

All training and assessment for these programmes are delivered in your workplace, removing the requirement for your employees to attend any form of day-release for classroom learning. The only exception is the completion of national exams, where we may require your staff to attend an alternative location if suitable provisions cannot be provided on your premises. We will also continue learning online through our eLearning portfolio, OneFile. As the employer, you will receive a unique login to monitor the progression of your staff.

Registered Training Providers

We are proud to be Registered Training Providers at Smart Training and Recruitment. This reflects our dedication to providing top-notch apprenticeship training. We are thrilled to announce that our commitment to excellence has been acknowledged through multiple awards and accreditations.

Ofsted “Good Provider” Rating

Our Ofsted rating as a “Good Provider” speaks volumes about the quality of our apprenticeship training. This rating reflects our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional support to apprentices and employers. Our Ofsted report noted that “Apprentices benefit from highly effective support from training advisers and employers. They develop high levels of confidence and good industry skills, which enable them to progress well and make a valuable contribution to the businesses in which they work.” This endorsement reaffirms our commitment to nurturing talent and driving professional growth.

Smart is also recognised as a Disability Confident Employer and Youth Friendly Employer.

A Partner in Your Success

At Smart Training and Recruitment, we believe we are more than just apprenticeship training providers. We are committed partners in your success, taking the responsibility of developing your skills and talents very seriously. We will be with you throughout the apprenticeship program, from planning to completion, to ensure your success. Our focus on excellence guarantees a rewarding experience for both learners and employers.

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