An image of Skye with her Apprenticeship Certficate

Apprentice – Skye Spittle

Training advisor – Liz Rushton

EmployerLifestyle fitness


Skye always portrays a very positive, professional, can-do attitude with every task she is set both through her Smart Training course and in her workplace at Lifestyle Fitness, where she is currently employed as an Apprentice Fitness Instructor and is studying her Level Two Apprenticeship in Fitness Instructing (Gym).

Skye completes her work to a very high standard for her course and once one task is finished she pro-actively seeks the next opportunity; for example, with her coursework she constantly submits work to her TA and seeks feedback for how she can improve it so that her final submission of the work is always extremely good, and that she discusses what would be best to work on next so that she can prepare herself and research related topics.

In her workplace Skye also takes a very pro-active approach, often finding solutions to problems and working closely with her Mentor/Manager to see her procedures put in place. One example that Skye recently gave me for this was something she brought up during her weekly team meeting. Skye had noticed a lapse in maintenance of cardiovascular exercise equipment in her gym and so she decided to find out how to correctly report issues to the manufacturer via a service contract, which forms to complete, and how to place the equipment out-of-order safely. Once Skye had found this out for herself she then held a training session for the other sixteen staff members to train them how to follow the procedure and to ensure that there would never be an instance where someone could not report faulty equipment if Skye wasn’t available to do it herself.  By researching this information and holding this training session Skye went over and above what is expected of her in her own job role, and benefitted all other staff in the centre by giving them further skills and knowledge, which contributes to the smooth running of her workplace.

In addition, Skye is very much on track to completing her Apprenticeship framework on time in early September 16, and recently finished the ERR qualification (3 units) within a two-week timeframe and to a very good standard showing a high level of understanding. 

Once Skye has completed her Apprenticeship she has been accepted onto a University course in September which she is very much looking forward to.  Skye is very driven.

Lifestyle Fitness will be keeping Skye on at Wakefield on a part-time basis in their Café section, and she is also likely to lead some fitness classes and sessions within the gym.

Skye has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism during her studies and while at work, and I feel she will do well in her future aspirations.

Employer comments:

Skye has been very keen during T&L sessions and has become good at researching information, which has benefitted her when completing coursework and will also help her when she progresses to University.  Skye’s confidence has increased, as have her abilities as a Fitness Instructor, which will give her a good advantage when gaining fitness clients at her gym.

Lifestyle fitness has certainly benefitted from having Skye working at Wakefield because she is friendly and confident with clients and staff, and she is pro-active in her attitude to work and seeks solutions to issues and then trains other staff there on the procedures.

Skye’s Mentor/Manager, Phil Pennington, has produced a very positive Witness Testimony about Skye’s ability as a Fitness Instructor, and he has also been very verbally supportive of Skye’s capabilities.

Learner comments:

Skye said “I am very pleased to have achieved LOTM and will continue to maintain my high standards when completing the remainder of my Apprenticeship course”.