National Apprentice of the Month - training advisor

National Apprentice of the Month – January 2016

National Apprentice of the Month – Zak Needham

Training advisor – Annie Anastasi

Employer – Cartridge world


Zak started with Cartridge world as a customer service advisor two years ago working on the front desk. He has now completed his customer service level 2 and is undertaking his business administration level 3 advanced apprenticeship.

In recognition of Zak’s hard work, commitment and new skills he has been promoted and is now running the Doncaster branch reporting directly to the directors.

Zak has taken full responsibility for moving to new offices and ensuring that all existing customers are aware of the move.

Zak has also started going out in the local area and inspecting and fixing problem with customers printers. Zak is making great strides in his qualification and researches all tasks and learning in great detail. In the next couple of months Cartridge world will be employing more staff for Zak’s branch and would like Zak to complete a management qualification. Zak is more than happy and willing to do this moving forward and is enjoying the new responsibility.

All in all Zak has proven that he is a fantastic employee and learner and deserves to be recognised for his hard work and motivation to be the best he can.

Employer comments:

We have been impressed with Zak, having employed and coached a young apprentice to see him grow in both knowledge and confidence over the last two years to the point that Zak is a trusted and respected member of the company.

Learner comments:

Zak has become a confident young man who is happy and comfortable in what he has learnt and how he can use his skills for his future.