Hospitality & Training Apprenticeships

Transform your hospitality team with our comprehensive qualifications, including Production Chef (L2), Senior Production Chef (L3), and Hospitality Manager (L4)

Boost Your Hospitality Team with Smart Apprenticeships & Training

Smart Training & Recruitment offers tailored apprenticeships and training programs to enhance your hospitality team’s performance. Our industry-relevant courses focus on hands-on experience, ensuring your staff develop the expertise to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Invest in your hospitality team’s growth with our expertly designed-apprenticeships. Benefit from dedicated support, and access to potential funding and grants for employers, and watch your team flourish as they gain valuable skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Advance Your Hospitality Career with Smart Apprenticeships

Smart Training & Recruitment allows learners like you to thrive in the hospitality sector. Our tailored apprenticeships provide hands-on experience and expert guidance to develop valuable skills and knowledge. Pursue your passion for hospitality with personalised training and support, and take your career to new heights.

Hear what our clients think about our flexible training programs

We have seen apprenticeships become a respected and exciting way to help thousands of individuals and businesses get where they want to be.
" I have recently completed my level 3 payroll qualification with Smart training and would highly recommend this training provider to anyone looking at starting an apprenticeship. My tutor (Sarah Johnson) was supportive throughout the duration of my course and was always willing to put in extra time for me with topics I struggled with. All lessons were very in depth and covered all areas of the role. Overall my experience with smart training has been positive and would recommend them. "

Laura (Learner)

" Whenever I feel I'm struggling, I always have my tutor to support me. She has made herself accessible through all available mediums and is always there to make suggestions about how I might complete a module. She never gives me too much to do and I have had plenty of time to complete the work. "

Jake B (learner)

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