It’s time to remove the stigma associated with apprenticeships. 

The global coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on our daily lives, the way we work, our communities and the economy. Sadly, with the challenges of online learning working, the past year has seen a  decrease in the number of people on apprenticeship programmes.

With development budgets cut, firms should start to make the most of levy funds now to develop their future talent with the skills every industry needs for the future. The skills that firms need to succeed are changing quickly and the pandemic has highlighted a requirement for more digital and technical skills. Apprenticeships enable organisations to utilise government-backed financial support to develop future talent and create not just the knowledge but also the skills and behaviours the organisation needs for the future.

Apprenticeships are key in the skills development strategy set out by the UK government. To recover from the effects of the pandemic, the government is making £2.5bn available to support apprenticeships in 2021 and 2022 – including for organisations that do not pay the levy. Organisations can use this funding to access development and qualification opportunities with recognised apprenticeship providers. Smaller companies that do not pay the levy can also access 95% funding directly from the government for apprenticeship training and assessment costs.

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Data and Figures are taken from PostOnline